Sunday, October 28, 2012

Redemption and Espresso Shots

The title might be slightly confusing but let me explain.

I'm not a coffee drinker. Not for health reasons, or beliefs, or weight control, but because I simply don't like the way it tastes in any fashion.

Today, however, I was so tired on the way to morning dance and knowing that I had a solid 3+ hours ahead of tearing up the dance floor I decided to give espresso a try. Now, I've had it on the rare occasion before and I know it works but I wasn't sure how it would work considering my current downer health status. But I purchased a latte with 2 shots anyway. Downed it (luckily they didn't make it too hot) and started dancing. Boy, I tell ya, now I know why people get addicted to this stuff. I danced and danced and danced and spun and dipped and spun myself and others and got spun out and jumped around and flailed and just was my usual crazy dance self. It was wonderful.

Now I'm so tired I can hardly move but I wanted to share how much fun contra is to me. My face aches from smiling and laughing so much. My legs ache, my core aches, my arms even ache and of course my feet are killing me :)  But it was so worth it. What a trip. Fabulous dancers, fabulous band, fabulous callers, and fabulous dances make my life a super trippy place to exist in right now.

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride of emotions and hormones and today I'm on the crest of the hill. Hopefully there is not a downward spiral waiting on the other side. I sincerely think there is a nice coast just around the corner and I'm so ready.

Tonight is relax night. I'll try to catch up on sleep and enjoy a movie and hot chocolate curled up on the couch. Now that the contra weekend is over I'm sad but all in all I'm so glad I came, so glad I danced, and so glad to have lived in those moments.

Thank you to all who were a part of the weekend!

The espresso made it possible for me to redeem my weekend dancing glory :)