Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn in Quebec City

Now I understand why people love it here so much.

There was a couple brief hours yesterday that were so beautiful. The air was crisp, but not too cold. The wind was pleasant, and not too strong. The sun was shining, but not too bright. The leaves had started falling, but many still remained on the trees. It was like walking through a post card world. There were cobblestone streets like in Europe that wind their way through small neighborhoods; people ice skating in an outdoor square, buskers with hats and scarves singing away under the archways, the wind slightly whispering through the brightly colored leaves, and the clip clop of people's shoes as they briskly move about their day all bundled in their cold weather gear, seemingly oblivious to the beauty surrounding them.

And then it started to rain...

Thankfully I had thought ahead (didn't take much thinking since it rains in every single port for the majority, if not entirety, of the day) and brought and umbrella. It was awkward to carry for a while, but definitely was worth it after the rain started pouring down and I could barely keep any part of me dry. So then it was back to the ship for a nice hot shower and cup of hot cocoa before going to work.

Only four more days of work left. We'll be on the ship a total of 5 sort of, but the last day we'll leave sometime in the morning and the band replacing us will have to work that day.

Then it's off to a couple day rest and relaxation in Oklahoma City before heading off to Seattle for a week of dancing and a week of visiting. Can't wait! Keep it coming!

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