Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snippets from Seongsan

Sorry about the title, but I couldn't help myself against the consonance :-)

I'm going to write little entries of fun things with pictures for you. I often see something and wish to share, but it's not complete blog entry worthy so here is a survey of snippets.

The other morning I woke early and it was such a beautiful morning (no, I didn't sing the song, but I thought about it), that I got dressed and headed out for a couple hours of walking. On my way home I stopped by a bakery and purchased fresh chocolate chip cupcakes and some ball shaped item. The total was just 2,000 won and the nice lady threw in some chocolate chip cookies for free. I'll definitely be going back :)

After stopping at 7-11 for some aloe juice I headed home with my breakfast to go. I had no idea what was in the ball so I took a picture and started eating. Oh my, was it good. There was a filling of bed paste and some cream of sorts. I sure hope to go to the bakery again when these are fresh out of the oven. Yum Yum Yum!!

Photo Photo

The fields have all been just dirt since I got to Jeju. Farmers have been planting them but nothing has really poked up through the ground yet until just recently. While out walking that morning I was struck by the beauty of all the little rows of crops that farmers had planted with very antiquated machinery and some by hand.


There is a town about a 45 minute walk away that I don't frequent often because most things either aren't open that early or they are already closed by the time I get there after work. But the other morning I decided to wander that way anyway looking for a 5 day market that I never found. On one of the streets I found a closed shop that made me laugh and I took a picture to share. I'll have to try some day to make it here when they are open.


When I was in Seogwipo a couple of days ago I was treated to a dinner at the event I performed at and I have to say, it's the first time in over three months that I've opened a napkin and put down a fork knife and spoon next to my plate. It felt really weird. I kept looking for the chopsticks. And what's funny, was that as I was eating, some of the food I thought would have been easier to eat with chopsticks...yikes, have I already been in an Asian country that long?!?!


I recently moved locations from one apartment to another. I moved at midnight. No questions need be asked please....

I was tired, I only took my bedding and purse and the next morning I realized I'd had company the whole night...notice the black looking dot on the wall...I'm sure you can imagine invisible spider threads inches from my face...  :(


I go walking at night sometimes just to enjoy the peace and quiet and the other night I was wandering through a new location and stopped at the restrooms where I thoroughly enjoyed the sign on the door...and no worries, I wasn't tempted.


That night I also wandered through a park and heard something scuttling, looked down and saw this little guy looking up menacingly at me. I just snapped a bright flash at him and continued on my way. He's lucky, most people here would have had him for dinner...


The aquarists sometimes through lunch parties and invite to partake of which I'm always thankful and excited. I never know exactly what I am eating but I usually ask and this particular lunch I had quite the treat. It was a soup of sorts with these really large bones that people were picking at. I received a heaping bowl of the soup with a large bone placed on top and I asked, what is it? After some debate in Korean and several attempts at English translation, it finally came out that I was eating beef spine. Surprisingly, it's really tasty.


There is also some kimchi and potatoe in this bowl of soup.


And finally, finally, I got the time and energy to head to Jeju city on a Friday night and go swing dancing. They also have dancing on Wednesday nights but once a week pulling an all nighter twice a week and working days isn't my thing. If I was working nights like my normal music schedule I'd be fine, but not with this day schedule. Can you believe it? I have to start work at 11:30 AM!!!

Here's a video of some of the dancing to be had at Swing Island on a Friday night in Jeju-si.

Well, that's about it for now. More stories and entries will follow of course. Until next time!