Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soap Opera

I have recently come to the not so pleasant conclusion that I live in a soap opera.

Unfortunately everyone's not acting and unfortunately I'm not mega rich, but I am in a soap opera none the less.

Why do I say this you ask?

Very simple. Everyday, and even during the day, major events seem to occur intermittently between what would essentially be commercial down time.

People love me, people hate me, people kiss me, people hit me, people speak English and I don't understand, people speak English and they don't understand. Every day something drastic happens. It's not just once in a while, but literally every day. When I use the word drastic, this is not necessarily indicting something negative per se, but something big.

For instance, yesterday, I was all set to start the third of four shows for the day when I opened the door to the stage after it went dark to go set my violin in the boat and wouldn't you know it, the boat wasn't in place. Nope, and there was no one to be found to put the boat in place for the show.
Typically, this would be no big deal. The boat has had sinking problems...yes, more dramatic events during my days, but yesterday the boat wasn't sinking, it just wasn't set for the show. So I started preparing to walk on stage from a different place like I'd done when the boat was unusable. As I was preparing for this (reminding you that the show has now started and is almost 10 minutes in), someone came running up saying, the boat is ready, go go go.

Oh, the drama.

Work has drama and home has drama. I never realized how possible it is to consistently speak in English and yet have no meaning get across. Really, this is more common here than actually having understood conversations in English. Actually, I understand them, but the people speaking aren't getting the actual message across that they want to say so inevitably I get blamed for not doing or saying or listening or whatever to what they didn't say. This is turning out to be a severe problem. Could you imagine if you were watching a soap opera and the dialogue between several of the characters was never accurate or sufficient to convey the proper meaning? That's my life.

And no good soap opera would be complete without a love dilemma. Well, I'm not in love, but someone else is in love with me. And I admit that I do have a crush here, although he's not the one in love with me. It wouldn't be a proper soap opera if everything worked out now would it? I spend my day warding off the advances of one man and trying to figure out how to get them from another. hehe, life sure is interesting in a soap opera...

Of course, every good soap opera has lots of yelling and true to form, so does mine. Today in fact there was quite the scene that played out in an office at work; complete with slamming doors. I wasn't the one doing any of the acting, but I was playing supporting actress...

There are many ups and downs, fun times and sad times, scary times and thrilling times, funny times and frustrating times. It's a soap opera, my life. What else would you expect?