Sunday, July 28, 2013


Whew. It's been a whirlwind here of activity. So much so that I can hardly find time to eat and sleep sometimes. It's even taken me several days just to finish this post.

The show has opened. It's been open for a week now. But there are still things to be fixed and those things are completely consuming my time.

I also just started Insanity with one of the swimmers here. I enjoyed it so much the first go around that I'm doing it again and hoping for even better results!

Life is good. Last night after work and Insanity, I walked in the door to an impromptu dinner party with my roommate and neighbor, who is a fisherman. He had cooked up some fish he caught that day and we devoured it along with some freshly grown watermelon and makgeolli to wash it all down! It was delicious and a nice treat from the usual hit or miss dinner foods snagged between loads of laundry, practice, and show issues.

Everything here is good, even though it's keeping me super busy right now. Once I get some of the problems fixed and free up some valuable time I'll get into a better schedule, but for now I'm keeping my nose to the grindstone.


In all of my day to day activities I've noticed a few things I could really use and can't get here and/or they are double or triple the price and/or I'd have to pay exorbitant shipping costs to get them.

Anyone interested in sending a care package?? (Besides the one person who did the day I got here..thank you!)

Here are a few of the items I can't buy on the island or can't find anywhere to buy, or found, but refuse to pay the island price. Please let me know if you are feeling generous and I'll give you my address and a BIG thank you :)


These things are available many places but for the sake of convenience I have listed everything through Amazon. Most of the items are beauty related products that I just can't get anything like here or I can't read the ingredients so I have no idea if I'd be layering on chemicals everyday. Since I'm performing in a show 4 times I day I go through ridiculous amounts of makeup and makeup remover. Most of the supplies I have, but if you check the list, you'll see the ones I'm running out of fast!

There is also something I really really want that I haven't found here and that is a Korean grammar and workbook. I've been struggling trying to continue my study with my tourist phrase book.

All of the items on the list I need soon, whether I start ordering things online myself or call people to try and get things shipped cheaper, I will need everything on the list so anything you want to send my way will be super helpful!! I've taken great care with some of the brands so please ask me if you are interested in purchasing an item from a different manufacturer than the one listed on Amazon. Most likely I need the brand I listed.

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