Monday, July 8, 2013

Vitamins, Visuals, and Videos!

There will be many small stories in this post with numerous pictures.

I've been quite busy over the last several days. But I finally had a couple hours to organize the photos and write down the stories.



If you read a post a few entries back, you will remember me writing about a spontaneous lunch party that was hosted by me although I didn't plan it or cook it. At that lunch, I took out my baggy of vitamins. Of course they were commented on and I was asked what each pill was and why I take them.

Well, the next day I received a gift. A most unusual gift, but one that I like very much!


These are Jeju vitamins. Chewable vitamins made from the famous tangerines and seaweed found here. They're delicious and healthy! Yes, that combination is possible for my readers still wavering on the fence of healthy eating choices.


One day I got a chance to tag along in the backseat of the jeep for a rather nerve racking half hour ride. The drivers here aren't the most, shall we say, observant. There is much talking and driving as well as texting and driving, randomly stopping or pulling over anywhere, parking is a crazy thing that I still haven't figured out how it works, and lanes are merely suggestions. While I was becoming nauseous during the ride, I was attempting to take some scenic pictures. One turned out ok I think.

Jeju has beautiful countrysides with many hills and farms and lava rock walls and terraces. The tiny towns are dotted among these farms every 15-20 minutes of frantic driving. It's really beautiful if you can afford to take your eyes off the road to enjoy it :)


While we've been rehearsing for the show, we've had dinner provided since we're at the aquarium all day and all night. Not sure when we sleep. Actually, that part of the rehearsals is over now so no more provided dinners, but also free evenings :)

This shows the swimmers and stage manager enjoying the usual offering of veggie pizza, spaghetti, and chicken wings with pepsi. I was happy that many of the girls opted for the meat and pasta so I could chow on the veggie pizza.


From left to right is Gulsaya (Saya)-stage manager, Julia, Olga, Alia, Agnieszka (Agnus for short) and Oksana, the aerialist/ fire dancer. They are a fun group and I'm really getting to like hanging out with each and every one. Some of them don't speak any English, but they of course want to learn so they want to hang out and talk with me anyway :) The others all want to improve their English. This makes me the popular one in the crowd. Weird feeling.

While we wait for our dinner, one of our bosses likes to goof around and play on my electric violin (but only on one string). Here's an example of our live pre-dinner entertainment!

I hope you didn't feel obligated to listen to the entire thing :-/


Last night was a farewell dinner to the director and entertainment manager. We went to a Korean barbecue, and very lucky for me they had one dish of rice, seaweed, corn root, and roe in a peanut sauce I think. Plus I had seaweed soup, egg souffle, soaked pickles (don't know what they were soaked in but something pickling I assume), chili dressed side salad of sorts, two varieties of salad greens to either eat raw or to use as wraps. Needless to say, after all those veggies and rice I was quite sufficiently full.

Cheers everyone!

There is a new swimmer in this picture. Her name is Ola.

Funny story ~ When I first met Ola she said her name and I immediately thought, "Yea! She speaks Spanish!" and then I asked her her name and she repeated, Ola. I looked around at the other girls and repeated back, "Ola"? Yup. Ok. Well, hello to you too :)


New posts will come again soon! I have more pictures to sort through and more stories to write, but for now, this is long enough, and I want to go eat dinner so you will all just have to wait until next time ;-p