Saturday, July 13, 2013


Downstairs near the office where I spend all my time in between shows is a parrot cage that houses three parrots.

I say hi to them when I walk back and forth and they look at me funny and beg for sunflower seeds.

I've witnessed their loving caretakers take them out and play with them and train them and have been wanting to take photos and videos.

Well, today I finally did and I'm so excited to get to share them with you all. These are delightful and will make you smile and laugh!

Enjoy the feather fotos!!

Feed me please!

What would you do for a sunflower seed?!?


oh, the lovin''s soooo good :)

Seriously? I can hardly handle it!



Don't ever stop!

In heaven


I think I'm in love.

It just doesn't work the same when I try to scratch myself.

Hi Hi!! I want attention too!

What you lookin at?

You're just as funny lookin as me and you obviously don't speak Korean!

Finally, oh, yes yes! I love you too!

Now you can see why I just had to take some pictures and videos. These guys are too much! I love watching them interact with their trainers and with each other. It's a nice touch of life and color in a wet and gray world.