Saturday, May 11, 2013

Final preparations

The day is fast approaching for my last Backroads interview. I've done nearly all I can do between the time I was invited and now. There are still a couple of loose ends I hope to tie on Monday, but there was such a short amount of time to do everything that I may not succeed.

I have accomplished a few things in this time though. My favorite was spending a day at a bike coop taking apart my bike, putting it back together, taking it apart, putting it back together, taking another bike apart, putting it back together, taking...

Here's proof!

Yes, my bike may look like it's together but you wouldn't want to ride it right now!

Here's another picture of a last minute crazy frenzy....

Pretty huh?!

When you only have a week to schedule this stuff it's definitely not easy, not even remotely.

But I want this so I made it happen!

Now it's just a lot of time spent with Rosetta Stone, Latino friends and choffy :)

So glad the last concert is tomorrow so I have one day without practice and music concerts to get everything ready to go. It won't be easy since there is also a 4 hr drive included in that day, but it's possible!

Check back in a week and I'll let you know what the outcome is.

Praying that all the time and money spent toward this end will be repaid plus over by my new job. I really can't afford a depression counselor nor an alcoholic lifestyle so it's all or bust.

Please wish me luck everyone and think of me this Thursday :)