Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It wasn't easy the few days after the big disappointment of not having a new job (or any job). I'm always up for trying new things and living off the cuff so to speak, but even I need a hope of possibility and I had run out it seemed.

It only seemed though. My life seems to have more blind curves and near death intersections than probably safe...lol...but it keeps me alive and excited.

Only days after the letdown, tears and dismay subsiding and depression and hopelessness setting in, I happened upon a possibility.

That's all I need.

A possibility.

That possibility is now my new summer job. After a couple small gigs in June I'll be moving to Albuquerque NM for the summer. I'm excited about spending time in a part of the country I've only driven through and experiencing all the things Albuquerque and surrounding areas have to offer (and yes, there are things there including good mountain biking I here!).

So after a completely helpless and financially oblique and desolate outlook on summer I now have a hopeful and even anticipated eagerness to the forthcoming adventure.

Many new and wonderful things will come of this I feel.

Until then...

Seattle's Folklife ~ HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!