Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Venture into the BACKROADS

Much has happened since my last post.

I went snorkeling. I went cave exploring. I went boating. I went ATVing. I got badly sunburned.  I went swimming on a nude beach. I had a surprise stay in NYC. I lost two potential jobs. I stayed up for nearly 3 days straight. I helped fall a tree and saw it into firewood with a bow saw. I improved my 5 mile runs to under 10 min/mi. I did my taxes. I lost an accompanist. I made new friends. I lost a friend.

Yes, lots has happened. And it all seems a blur and a whirlwind of insanity until now.

I am submitting my application to what I hope will be my job for years to come; a trip leader for BACKROADS. It's an outdoor vacation company and they're hiring trip leaders for hikes, biking trips, and more. Everyone (no, I'm not exaggerating) that I've talked about applying for this job has said this sounds like the perfect job for me; exactly what I'd be great at doing.

So with all my eggs in this one basket, I will either have a summer job or my life will go in some direction I can not possibly fathom at this time. Although I can imagine it won't be ideal for me.

So here's to hoping and praying that in the next few weeks (up to three), Backroads will read my application and reference letters and also agree with all my friends ~ that this is the job for me and then this summer I'll be who knows where doing who knows what with who knows who!

I couldn't imagine a better summer!!!