Monday, April 29, 2013

The Little Things

Nothing new has really transpired since I last blogged, but in order to not keep you completely uninformed I decided to write about a few little things that made me happy recently.

One was a chat with a friend. I have lots of friends, but like most people, they are quite busy and are hard to keep up with via email, let alone anything else. But I recently got a short video chat with one and it made my evening. It's always good to have friends!

Another thing that cheered me was discovering a flaw I had missed in some paperwork and resolving it. Not going into details, but it's frustrating when you know something is wrong and you can't figure out what is wrong. Needless to say, finding and fixing it made me happy :)

Having a movie night with veggie burgers and indulging in some ice cream makes me happy. And to top off the food delight I was watching the movie with a friend which made it all the nicer!

Getting my violin bow rehaired is a blessing. It was time and things simply lined up perfectly and now I have new hair on my bow and I'm so happy to be sawing away on the strings again with a new and lively response.

Successfully working out and pushing myself as hard as I can and knowing at the end of the workout that I did my best. Then feeling the sweet soreness the next day reminding myself that I'm making my body better. It's a good feeling isn't it?!?!

Completing a big or overwhelming project is one of the nicest feelings. Recently I've been slaving away over my computer doing video editing. Literally spending hours and hours a day trapped under it's heat and never blinking gaze. Some people like that sort of thing but my body was craving activity and my mind was antsy for alternate stimulation. But, I stuck with it and achieved my goal and now I can feel accomplished that I completed the task :)

What has made you happy recently? Please share a story of your own with me!

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