Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sure is nice to have the time to practice and practice and practice...

This will be a summary of the last several days. Next time I post there will be more interesting things to post about. Planning some excursions and time spent other than practice. It will be good to give my limbs a bit less work time and more play time. At least, that is what they are trying to tell me everyday now.

For the most part I've spent my days practicing, reading, sleeping, eating, and working out.

I've had the fortune though, to do a few other fun and lively activites.

Below is a picture from my latest zip lining adventure. It wasn't nearly as fun as the zipline in Hoonah AK, but the company was fun and it is always exciting to try something new. Not that this was my first time ziplining, but it was my first of this kind or relay.

Then it was an afternoon at the beach; a bright sunshiny day with a siesta rainfall to make us all run for cover. But even with the short downpour I managed a good game of smash ball (thanks to my good friend Tony who gave me the water set) on the sand and then in the ocean. Nothing like playing smash ball on the beaches in the Caribbean! Now if I can just get into a beach volleyball game!!!

Otherwise, it has been a daily routing of morning practice, and afternoon practicing and evening working out and reading.

Anyway not much else to write about at this time.

The show is my big focus.

I practice the songs everyday, sing the songs in my head the rest of the day and if I had audio recordings I'd be listening to them as well. One thing I look forward to again is steady free internet to research notes for the pieces and watch all the production videos I can. Show show show!

The ziplines were a bit too short to do much craziness but I did my best anyway :)

My morning practice room unless it's too cold and then I move to a more cramped but warmer spot.

My afternoon practice space. Nice natural light and big open space without too much echo.