Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back in the Saddle

It's been over a year since my accident out in California. Here is a picture to remind you of my New Year's Eve in 2011. And no, I still don't remember any of it; just what my friend tells me. And I have no scar on my shoulder either, so it's just the lack of a few hours of my life and the pictures to remind me.


I've done some road biking since, but haven't hit the trails. Until this week!

A friend in the symphony in Little Rock found out I mountain bike and asked me to go riding. Of course I agreed and was excited to go back out on the trail.

So after a month of travel I returned to Little Rock and for the last three days we've been plowing through the pain, the exhaustion, the puddles and the rock gardens. It's been so much fun and I'm so glad to be back out there. Even doing Insanity workouts every day my body had forgotten how to be in mountain biking shape and I'm being brutally reminded :-/

But after everything, I've had the best time and today we stopped for a photo op at a beautiful covered bridge.

It's been a wonderful few days of hard riding and I'm getting back into the hang of things although my body is still trying to recover from the abrupt reminder of the single track. Hopefully the beginning of next week will provide one more opportunity to go out and hit the trail as hard as I can! 

And let's not forget the mud, blood and guts...ok, maybe just the mud :)