Wednesday, October 9, 2013

While on land...

If you ever read my blog you'll be well acquainted with the fact that I love working and living on ships.

But we all know that's not my life 100% of the time.

So, when I'm 'stuck' on land I sleep on friends couches and in my car and travel around. I've thought of possibilities for alternatives to this but since I'm not even in the country for long periods of time it's simply silly to get a place, pay rent, sublease, be unreachable in case of a problem, etc.

Browsing the internet I just came across a company in Portland Oregon that makes exactly what I need. I have a car; a cute little silver coupe with a spoiler on the back. She's ancient now but she still runs well and treats me good when I give her attention (she always holds a grudge initially when I leave for extended periods of time). Knowing she's not going to be around forever I've considered a van or live-in vehicle, but I just don't want to drive something that big around all the time, especially in the big cities.

This company, The American Dream Trailer Company custom makes each of their super tiny, yet very versatile trailers. There's even a boat on the roof!!! So when I want I can go out on the water and enjoy that lovely feeling of being rocked to sleep...for a short nap :)  It also sleeps two!

Sooo, who's up for some time off, maybe a trip through the Rocky Mountains? We can camp for a few days or however long we want at each spot; go hiking, biking, swimming, boating, fishing, you name it. Just enjoy nature and the freedom of life.

I just need to work another year here in Korea and then I can afford it. Although the trailers are really cheap, I'm really poor!

If you have one, know someone who has one, get one yourself, please let me know what you think. I'd love to hear about these nifty looking trailers. And maybe someday, I'll own one myself!

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