Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning Walks

Recently I've been struggling with a number of things. Things involving work, things involving home, things involving me and things involving others. Lots of things...

One of the ways I've chosen to try and deal with these problems is by taking morning walks...when it's not raining. So maybe half the mornings of any given week I spend wandering around the country side, usually on the asphalt roads but occasionally on the beach or dirt pathways next to fields.

On these walks I can either try to forget all my problems and enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather or I can think through all my problems and try to find solutions.

When I'm simply enjoying the scenery I take pictures along the way. Here are a few of my favorites.

A  horse grazing on the hillside by the ocean.

Fish nets drying on the hillside by the ocean.

Flowers in full bloom along the side of the road.

Flowers framing a hilltop stairway.

The path leads to the sky..

This is where I finally stopped for a rest before heading back one day. Not a bad background eh?