Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arrived at Austin

I've relocated yet again. Successfully hit the road for three days and two nights and arrived in Austin TX a few days ago. Having now recovered from the rather taxing trip of sleeping in my car during the hot days and driving during the slightly cooler nights, I'm updating everyone on my safety status :)

It's good to be back in Austin. I always love visiting. Granted, not the most ideal month of the year, but always fun none the less. I'll be mountain biking, playing sand and water volleyball, hopefully playing some tennis if I can find a partner, and dancing dancing dancing of course! There's a contra and blues dance a week and sometimes two. It's hard to fit everything in to my permanent vacation schedule.

During this time in Austin I'll also be practicing hard for a couple upcoming auditions so everyone wish me steadfastness and stick-to-it-ness so I can be prepared when the time comes.

On the way across west TX I encountered a magnificent storm. Here's a subpar picture.

And if I hadn't been so exhausted I would have enjoyed the extended drive between Junction and Austin just before dawn. It is now apparent to me that a huge, I mean, enormous population of white tail deer inhabit that area. Instead of the 75 mph I was hoping to drive so that I made it to my new home by sunrise, I drove a measly 40-45 mph to avoid hitting the numerous deer in the road, beside the road, crossing the road, walking along the road, etc.  I could feel the knots forming in my back as I gripped the steering wheel with both hands and leaned forward slightly for the best view of the road around my car frame. As it was still dark, my high beams afforded me the only, still insufficient light to see the deer as they grazed on the grass. Fortunately I had no close encounters with the deer; just a couple of rabbits that tried to play chicken with my tires. Happy to say none were hurt in the process. It was a tiring feat to make sure that everyone and everything survived the night unscathed. Next time, I shall not drive through that part of TX at daybreak again. Lesson sufficiently learned.

If any of you readers have suggestions where to eat or party or play here in Austin please send it along. I've done lots, but there is lots more to do. It's Austin after all!!!