Thursday, April 16, 2015

NOLA in the April Rains

New Orleans is a place I love to visit. It's got great food, great music, great people! Mostly I've visited for the Jazz Festival off and on over the years and wandered the neighborhoods on rainy days so I've come to know a little of NOLA.

This year, instead of Jazz Fest, I went for the French Quarter Fest. It's what I went for, but not what I did in the end. The weather for the 10 days I was there was almost always some form of rain. I don't mind singing and dancing in the rain, but it would go from a light sprinkle to a deluge in less than 30 seconds (I was that was an exaggeration). One can only spend so many days in wet clothes before wishing to be someplace warm and dry.

Since I got to NOLA before the festival actually started I was already tired of getting caught in the rain and so spent my days indoors either listening to good music, dancing to good music, and/or eating good food.

Can't say that's an entirely bad trip :)  Although, I definitely missed hanging out at the festival in shorts and a tank top, drinking beer and dancing the day away trying not to forget to wear sunscreen!

Still, I got to visit the epic Rock n'Bowl for a few dances and drinks!

I got to dance in a Katrina destroyed church. It had good food and drinks too with all the zydeco dancing!!

And there's always the Ritz Carlton Davenport Lounge where you can listen to live jazz 4 nights a week with no cover and tasty drinks and snack to boot!

Those are fresh house made chips and salted nuts. YUM

I got to go for nice walk in the park right in the middle of the city. I love cities like New Orleans and Austin where there is so much green space in the city limits that you can get away and be in nature and forget where you are.

And then, let's not forget the food because NOLA has some crazy awesome delicious mouthwatering food!!!

The classic Cafe du Monde breakfast of coffee and beignets!

The Wandering Poet Sake (the title the flash is obscuring), is quite tasty!

And Chickie-Wah-Wah's has THE BEST brussel sprouts (I hate brussel sprouts) and THE BEST bread pudding!!!  The mac and cheese and pulled pork is also super outstanding :-)  I'm getting hungry just looking at the picture!

And who can go to NOLA and not eat the charbroiled oysters? These are at Katie's. They were good, but I have had better.

The start of a good meal at Cafe Degas. The goat cheese salad is out of this world!!

One of my favorite breakfast spots at Blue Line Sandwich Co with the owner, Brad, who is so nice and the great tasting food and hand squeezed blood orange mimosas!!!

Grilled veggie plate at Ralph's On The Park. So delicious yum yum :-p
All in all I'd say it was a swell trip. I always enjoy my time in NOLA. The short bits it wasn't raining and the sun came out I took a few shots that I think you'll like. Enjoy and the next post will have more fun tales and happy times from Austin and Dallas TX!!

Perched on the balcony.

Squirrel on the wall!!

Pretty road sign.

Shady sidewalk.