Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Fun in the Pit

It's been a number of years, but I'm thrilled to once again be in the orchestra pit. This year I returned to the Ohio Light Opera Company and was slightly apprehensive since it was 2006 since I was last here but it has been nothing but rewarding thus far. The people have been wonderful in all aspects. The management, the cast, the orchestra have all been more than I dared to expect and I'm enjoying every minute.

Sadly I have to sit out one of the shows per the contract, even though I asked to play them all :)  This year "Oh, Lady, Lady" is not to be added to my repertoire list. But several others are! You can check out the performance schedule here and come for a visit and a show! Just let me know :)

Besides the wonderful friends I've been making and the smaller the world has become yet again, I've managed to injure my ring finger on my left hand. I'm not sure how it's injured, just that it was strained/stressed/bruised/jammed/??? while playing catch with a football. With the constant rehearsal schedule I'm held to it's been difficult and frustrating to not play for several days. But I hope that by Friday I'll be healed to a satisfactory degree and can play everything asked of me. Not only is there the opening show of My Fair Lady on Saturday but the first rehearsal for Pirates of Penzance on Friday of which I sit principal second. Come on finger, heal!!! Fast!!!

Amidst the rehearsing and performing I've managed to begin regular tennis sessions, Insanity workouts, and mountain biking. I want to incorporate some basketball as well, but free time is a little short this summer. I'm still having an absolute blast changing up my sports and workout routine, making new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones, learning new musicals and reuniting with old ones.

This summer is going to be a summer to remember I do hope! Things are set on the right track and if I can just keep them from careening off into the black abyss I'll be set! Trios could happen, duos could happen, wonderful shows WILL happen, friendships will/have happened. Minutes seem to fly by, but as they do I try to grasp every one and truly appreciate each for the remarkable beauty of life that it is.

I can already tell that this summer will end far before I'm ready for it to, but time is not to be stopped. All I can so is collect as many memories as I can before the minutes all fly by.

I will attempt to take more pictures of the ordinary and recall more tales of the extraordinary for you. Please be patient with me as I embark down this summer's road.

Last dress rehearsal before the season begins!


Update since I began writing this post; I was unwillingly removed from Pirates. It is a very sad time indeed. Guess it leaves a lot more time to focus on cruise possibilities and athletics. After some online research I've concluded my finger was sprained but it is actually healing quite well and as fast as I dared hope. Thinking happy thoughts and trying to focus on the things I can control. This summer will still be fun. I have no intention of letting this hamper my thrill of life. I will simply redirect it :-)

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