Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seopjikoji Walk

This a double up post because I didn't write anything about my day off last week,,,because I didn't get one. However, despite that fact, I managed to walk around the edge of the peninsula that Aqua Planet is on and take some pictures and pretend to be off for the day. It was actually a beautiful and sunny day and I had a lovely walk around the peninsula. Enjoy the pictures. And yes, even in December there are still flowers blooming :)

Ilchulbong behind flowers.

Rock Towers along the beach.

Stone silhouettes.

Lots of stairs (I think I counted 127) leading up to the lighthouse.

The other staircase that I took down.

The path from the lighthouse to the church.

Looking down at the bay beside the lighthouse.

The now famous lighthouse.

Flowers covering the hillside.

Modern day smoke signals!! This is a smoke tower, really.

A church famous for being used in a Korean movie I believe.

Just posing by more large rock towers.

The lighthouse over the sea of bright flowers :)

Then today when I actually did get a day off it rained and the wind howled and sometimes it even hailed on me as I walked to town and back. Most of the rest of the day I spent inside cleaning the apartment, writing this entry and watching Downton Abbey, but I went for one other long walk today just to get outside again (yes, I'm crazy I know) and was richly rewarded with a beautiful double rainbow over Ilchulbong. It was hard to capture on film but I think I got a good picture of the main rainbow and if you look for it you can see the second. I'm so glad I braved the weather twice today!!

The perfect rainbow over Ilchulbong.

Moss on the rocks in the flowing river.

Double rainbow! With a reflection in the water.

At the end of the rainbow and the end of the island.

It was so beauttiful!

What a productive and good day overall. Ended with an invite to pizza next door and a chance to practice my Korean with non English speakers. Tomorrow morning I finish my laundry and all will be in order once again :)

Korean pizza is quite different from American pizza. This particular variety had sweet potato in the crust. It was like a main course and dessert all in one pizza...was tasty actually.

Now back to another week of work.

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