Friday, April 13, 2012

The Gypsy Life

Usually I don't have the opportunity to watch television, yet alone cable. But this week I'm staying in an unusual place this week....a hotel!

When one travels all the time there are many places to stay. I usually find friends with couches. But there are gypsies who own motor homes or fifth wheels or gypsies who stay in tents or even in hostels or long stay motels. I prefer my method because it continually challenges me to adapt to new people and new personalities. It also provides the opportunities for new friends and new experiences.

Honestly, without my friends and their couches and their generosity I'd never be able to have this lifestyle (which is a luxury to me). Now I don't mean I'd be stuck in an apartment. On the contrary; should I not have friends I would be housing in a YMCA or someplace similar.

The schedule is so wonderful. I have been thinking about it recently. It's so nice to have spent a few months in one location but I'm so excited to be on the move again. To travel for a few days here, and a few days there and then a couple weeks somewhere else. With no idea where I'll be in a couple months. It leaves the exciting possibilities wide open and the adrenaline keeps me pressing onward. To learn new things, meet new people, taste new food, see new sights, etc. keeps me in love....not with anyone, but with LIFE!!