Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flood in the desert

Wow, it has gotten crazy all of a sudden. Truth be told I'm enjoying myself, but it never occurred to me I'd be scheduling April in February. Now it's March and I feel like I'm tripping over my own heels as I catch myself coming and going. It's all good though. I get more done when I have less time. I guess you could say I work better under pressure. Ideally I'd have some spare time to work on a few things I really want to but I think I'll schedule April so I can instead of how I scheduled March. Live and learn as they say. Still trying to get used to this land thing.

I continue to apply to music jobs overseas. So far none of them have panned out so I don't get my hopes up anymore. Don't you love knowing you're being conditioned just like Pavlov's dog? Grr. But I just don't have the energy to have ups and downs so I'll just stay somewhere in the middle and try to coast, at least for now. Maybe April will hold better probabilities.